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FOREWORD                                                                                      Explore, Enable, Excel

        Digital Banking: Goals, Maps and Signposts

             IGITAL Banking is the new paradigm that
        Doffers considerable benefits to banks in
        terms of increasing productivity and profitability.
        It is accomplished by leveraging state-of the-art
        technology infrastructure to bring about
        changes in internal processes and external
        interfaces. It is expected to improve the 4Cs –
        cost, convenience, control and customer
        It is difficult to define exactly what digital
        banking is and to say when any bank has
        become totally digital. It is equally difficult for an
        individual bank to make an assessment of itself,
        draw plans and take necessary steps to attain
        the status of a digital bank. It is in this context
        that a need has been felt to provide a framework
        that can help banks in their efforts to move
        towards digital banking. The present framework
        presents a holistic way of defining and designing
                                                              sequential levels in transforming itself into a
        a digital bank. It provides goals, maps and
                                                              digital bank. This maturity diagram can be used
        signposts in the digital banking journey.
                                                              by all banks in order to assess them as to where
        The framework comprises various definitions of         they stand and steps to proceed further. A few
        a digital bank followed by the overview of            international cases of digital banking
        distinct functions/dimensions of a digital bank.      implementation have also been presented to
        Then, the building blocks of a digital bank are       help banks.
        spelt out followed by recommendation of a
                                                              The framework is the result of the collaborated
        maturity ladder diagram, which identifies
                                                              efforts of the group comprising IDRBT research
                                                              team, bankers, IT professionals and
                                                              consultancy experts. It is expected that all
                                                              banks, especially those which are in the process
                                                              of setting up their systems, will be immensely
                                                              benefited by the framework.

        Date: November 16, 2016                                                         (Dr. A. S. Ramasastri)

        Place: Hyderabad                                                                    Director, IDRBT

        Digital Banking Framework                                                                              01
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